Is a gap year the right fit for
my child & our family?



Our opinion is a resounding: YES!


We know that you want the best for your child.  We want what is best for them as well.  Gap years are continuing to become popular choices for young people and their families before, during and even after work, post-secondary or an apprenticeship experience.  Taking a pause from your regular routine can be helpful for so many reasons!  Each our gapper families come to us with unique needs and reasons.  


If you feel that your child is not ready for their next step, or if they feel that they are not ready, working with mygapyear will help them to grow and develop themselves in a global classroom.  By taking a structured gap year, they will gain independence, improve their self-confidence and gain a clearer sense of what they want for their future. Many of our gappers report feeling burnt out, or just overwhelmed.  Others want to try different careers, are curious about travel or want to work for a period of time before their next step. 


Our professional staff combined has decades worth of experience working with young adults through periods of transition.  We are a neutral third party that can act as a trusted adult for young adults to rely on to work through growing up.


Colleges and Universities are behind it  - we encourage you to review the evidence. The statistics support that people who leave school will return back. Our clients report astounding levels of personal growth. See what our gappers had to say visit their testimonials. All  parents have been pleased with the ways in which their children have grown and matured.


If you think that this might be something that would benefit your son or daughter, please reach out to us.  We would love the opportunity to speak with you about your individual circumstances and the uniqueness of your child and your family's plans for their gap year, and post-secondary, workplace or apprenticeship plans.  We will be completely honest and if our program is not a good fit for your child, we will let you know and support you in finding a program that is the best fit. 

We look forward to exploring a potential gap year for your son or daughter. Whether it is our gap year launch program or our three-pillar program, give us 365 days and we'll show you what's possible!

Michelle & Madelyn!

Parent Testimonials:

"I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you in particular for setting T on his Gap Year course. You did an outstanding job of getting under T's skin and understanding what it was he wanted to achieve. It has been a wild and wonderful ride and my sky big boy has come back full of confidence and a man. He has the stories and the experiences he wanted and I know what he got from your selections was some life altering experiences he will never forget.


... More than anything he proved to himself that he is a terrific guy and can do anything he sets his mind to and that self esteem is what he needed to make his University experience what it should be.


I will never regret the decision to take a gap year. I think it’s something more parents should pause and think about seriously for their child in this fast and unrelenting world. It’s made my kid a more complete person and for that I am truly thankful.


You will always have my appreciation and complete respect."

BH - Parent


"As parents, we had the opportunity to watch M grow over the course of the year, and feel reassured that she is ready to tackle her freshman year at University with a new sense of purpose and motivation. We could not be more delighted with the outcome of her gap year and the guidance she received from mygapyear." 

CR - Parent


"After being accepted at University, my daughter decided to defer her start date at university for a year.  She wanted a break from the routine of academics while she explored some of her other interests.  As a parent, this kind of break can be worrying; I was interested in making sure she didn’t just waste her time off school, but I also knew that my influence would only go so far.

mygapyear helped S make the most of her time off. Julie and Tara’s ability to accurately probe her objectives and then to bring forward ideas that on our own we would never have discovered, was exceptional.


Just have a quick look at the internet; there seem to be a million opportunities for young people, but sorting through all the prospects is daunting. Besides the pure volume of information, there is always the concern that what you are looking at may not be quite as it seems. mygapyear acts as a resource to work through all the possibilities much more efficiently.  They bring focus and credibility to what is available. In the end, mygapyear helped my daughter enact a plan that included local (hobby) classes, volunteer work and the culmination – a job overseas (as a camp counselor).


Besides the service they provide in building a program to meet the client’s objectives, Julie and Tara also showed great commitment to seeing things right through to the finish.  They maintained regular contact with our daughter directly and through that relationship were aware of how things were developing as the year moved on.  This provided an opportunity to adjust things if it became necessary or helpful.  I always felt they took a real and direct interest in her success and I am sure she would agree.

Looking back, I think this past year has been of great value.  There is no doubt to me that mygapyear helped both my daughter and I make the most of it! "   

LB - Parent


"Just wanted to say thanks for your work with our daughter M— your services have exceeded our expectations, and really helped M make the most of her gap year. We are very impressed with the frequency of contact you have had with her, and the degree of follow up.  That schedule kept her moving forward.  It has been a pleasure to watch her gain confidence and independence this past year, and your support and coaching has certainly helped


I have to admit that we were a bit skeptical, and M had to talk us into letting her sign up with you, but a year later we are very pleased with the work you have done with her."

LM - Parent