mygapyear program + fees


mygapyear offers a unique combination of services including personalized gap year plan research, individual coaching, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessments and opportunities to connect with other like-minded gappers!  We are pleased to offer you a unique service that is customized to your individual goals, interests and budget.

mygapyear launch program
Step One: Clarify Your Goals

Let us know about your goals, your budget, desired locations and activities and the overall style of your dream gap year. 

A thoughtfully constructed questionnaire will guide you and your family through initial discussions and decision-making to ensure that you have a memorable gap year.

Step Two: Recieve Expert Support

A mygapyear expert will review your file and provide your family with a consultation to clarify information in order to draft a plan for your dream year.

Your family will receive two drafts of a plan to help select the activities and experiences to reach your gap year goals and have a meaningful year.

Step Three: Have an amazing gap year

Select from the propopsed activities and set your dreams in motion.  If it is finding a job, a volunteer placement or traveling overseas, the mygapyear team's recommendation will launch your gap year in a successful direction.

Learn, play, grow.

mygapyear comprehensive package
Life Coaching

Each gapper will be paired with a coach who will be with them throughout their gap year journey.  The coach and gapper will work together to define goals, evaluate strengths and values and to work through challenges that might arise over the course of the year.  The coach will help the gapper capture the learning that comes from each gap year experience that they complete.


Read more on coaching HERE

Emotional Intelligence

mygapyear will connect the gapper with an EQ specialist who will work through an initial assessment and create a plan to help the individual realize their strengths, build upon areas of growth and identify how they can leverage their social and emotional intelligence.  At the completion of the gap year, a second assessment will be done to see areas of growth through thier experience.


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Gap Year Plan Research

Our experienced team of researchers will take what is learned through the coaching and EQ sessions and build a customized plan that reflects the gappers goals and interests. Plans can contain travel, volunteer, work, and educational experiences both locally and abroad.  We will work with you over the course of the year to modify the plan based on evolving interests and needs.

See a sample plan HERE.


Program Breakdown

mygapyear’s base package includes:


  • Intake and Discovery session

    • information gathering to discover goals and vision for gap year; guided by personal inquiry and reflection

  • An initial Emotional Intelligence Assessment (EQ) and debrief, a personalized Emotional Intelligence Development Plan and a final EQ assessment and debrief

    • comparative analysis to measure personal growth/EQ development through the year

  • Coaching sessions (including Values and Strengths Tools) throughout your gap year - even while you are abroad!

  • Research, consultation and revision for gap year plan development

  • 2-3 higly personalized and detailed draft plans with activity relevace

    • All activities, trips and experiences will be tied to your coaching and EQ goals

  • Follow up support and one-on-one coaching throughout the entire gap year

  • Access to a community of Gappers and social events to share stories and get advice.

  • 1 finalized “mygapyear Journey” package with accomplished gap year goals, outcomes and activities

  • A lifelong membership to the mygapyear Alumni community



COST: $2800/year (plus HST) paid in installments

NOTE: Pricing model will be changing as of September 2016.


Consultations are always complimentary.  Please click connect with us to set up an skype or phone consultation.