Emotional Intelligence (EQ)


What is EQ?: The Emotional Intelligence Difference 


EQ skills are a unique repertoire of emotional and social competencies that an individual uses to navigate the challenges of life. It is defined by Daniel Goleman as “the capacity not only to be aware of and able to express our emotions, but to 

manage and moderate them effectively”. Furthermore, Dr. Reuven Bar On suggests that EQ is, “an array of non-cognitive abilities, capabilities, and skills that influence one’s ability to succeed in coping with environmental demands and pressures“. The best part is that unlike IQ, emotional intelligence changes and can be developed throughout one’s life, so everybody can enhance their EQ! 


Why is EQ Important? 


Fostering and leveraging Emotional Intelligence can help individuals to better cope with the roller coaster of transition. 


It can help answer questions around what motivates us, assist in identifying strengths and personal goals, as well as adapt to environmental demands. For young individuals it can be a very powerful tool to use on their journey of self 

discovery and it can help empower students as they bridge the gap between high school and university and or university and transition into a career. 


Emotional Intelligence can help you: 

  • Increase and build your self confidence 

  • Gain self awareness and insight 

  • Instill leadership qualities 

  • Foster emotional health 

  • Facilitate career development and career planning 


It can also affect your ability to: 


  • make friends 

  • manage personal time 

  • create better study habits 

  • budget your money 

  • work well in teams 

  • move beyond feeling stuck and unmotivated