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Join Michelle Dittmer, OCT, co-director, gap year advisor and teacher in an online discussion to explore  the benefits of a gap year, what type of students would benefit from taking a gap year and how to speak about gap years to parents and students alike. We will explore facts and myths about gap years as well as provide you with some resources to take back to your school so we can better serve our students as they make difficult life choices.


Please email Michelle for more information or to schedule a PD session.

We are happy to accommodate special requests whenever possible for a mygapyar ambassador come to speak to educators, parents or students.  We help provide information on gap years and help promote the benefits of choosing this pathwy after graduation.


Have a mygapyear advisor or ambassador speak or present at your school or event. Email us to schedule a presenter.

Our dream is to have guidance rooms with a shelf for gap year resources along side thier shelves for other post-secondary pathways.  We would love to see guidance web pages with resources for gap years. 


Let us help you out.  We have resoruces to share with you.  Email us and let us know if you are interseted in resources, either print or electronic and we would be happy to share what we have created for students and schools. 

We at York University are pleased to be the first Canadian university to formalize the process of deferment based on a gap year. We have done this because we believe so strongly in the importance of taking a gap year before jumping into university”

Ken Withers, Director, Recruitment and Applicant Relations, York University


"Students are coming to Ontario universities at a younger age than ever before and many actually benefit from time off to learn more about themselves. A gap year can prepare students for a more meaningful university experience" - Diane Crocker, Registrar and Director of Enrolment Management, University of Toronto


Check out our evidence page for further resources.

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Thank you for taking the time to investigate gap years as a choice for students who need a break or are uncertain of the direction they wish to take in the next phase of their life; this could be after high school, mid-post-secondary, or after post-secondary education. Many potential gappers report feeling worn out, “stuck” or unsure of their life path and wish to take some time to explore themselves, their strengths and experience things that put them outside of their “bubble” and give them a sense of how they can contribute to their local and global community.