about mygapyear

Since 2009, mygapyear has been providing quality opportunities for growth to young adults from across the country.  Our team and services continue to grow and adapt to meet the needs of young adults, their parents, post-secondary institutions and the greater needs of society. We are the leading gap year organization in Canada.


Julie Newton and Tara Rinomato founded mygapyear to fill an underserviced area in young adult development. Realizing that their own children were not ready for post-secondary school, they found opportunities to support their readiness.  The resounding success of their initial program led to neighbours reaching out for support with their teens.  Julie and Tara’s passion to create an alternative pathway for young adults at a pivotal point in their lives motivates them to bring together like minded young adults and educators into mygapyear to continue to expand gap year awareness.


mygapyear was born to meet the needs of these young people, and we hold true to these roots with every client we service. mygapyear’s clients have demonstrated that taking a break from your routine to regroup is a trusted and successful transition tool.


mygapyear has evolved to include a team of professionals who specialize in coaching, emotional intelligence and leadership development in addition to gap year plan research. This combination encourages personal growth, develops independence, confidence and maturity while allowing young adults to explore the world around them and discover how they can contribute in a meaningful way. 

our mission

mygapyear empowers young adults to find direction at a pivotal time in their lives through taking a gap year.  


We offer alternative learning opportunities that go beyond travel to include a unique blend of coaching, emotional intelligence and leadership development.


Our structured plan, support and follow-up throughout the year ensure that our clients reach their goals and have a meaningful experience.

our vision
  • to continually innovate new pathways to empower young adults to transform their own lives

  • to be recognized as the leading organization that reshapes society’s perceptions of meaningful ways to educate young adults

our values